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YAANTRA: All Brand Mobile Repair in Chennai & Hyderabad

India is the second largest telecom market in the world and smartphone users are increasing day by day in which has augmented the sale of smartphones in its domestic market. The Digital India Campaign also acted as a catalyst to the current hike in sales. The smartphone users of the country are evolving and they only settle for phones powered by latest technology features. This paradigm shift in consumer behaviour and political vision has enhanced the business for domestic and international telecom players which in turn are paving way for new actors and opportunities.       

Indian markets, customers and all the telecom players have braced up for the upcoming digital revolution. Every brand is coming up with a unique feature to attract the huge market base, which is definitely exciting but is challenging as well. Smartphones are becoming thinner and more complex in design which has made them far more delicate than their earlier counterparts. These next-gen phones require expert assistance even for minor repairs and here Yaantra comes to the forefront.

At Yaantra we offer expert assistance for all smartphone faults that too for all the brands for instance Apple, Sony, Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola and lots more. Scroll down to read about mobile repair services we deal in.

Memory & SIM Card Issue: Are you facing problems in accessing the SIM card and memory card? May be accumulation of dust or moisture have made the card undetectable and inaccessible for the device, but don’t worry it can be resolved. Our tech experts at Chennai and Hyderabad repair stores can assist you in resolving the issue.


Signal Issues: It is widely believed that all signal issues occur at the network provider end, but in some cases it can be your device which is causing the nuisance. Our highly experienced smartphone experts at Mobile Repair Center in Hyderabad can help you sort out the issue by optimising the signal receivers.

Speaker & Mic Issue: Speaker or mic faults will restrict you to communicate properly. Excessive noise, no audio, damaged speakers are some common signs that you must not ignore and get the phone repaired quickly. We at Yaantra, cater to speaker & mic damage issues with utmost care and perfection.

Water Damaged Phones:


Water damaged smartphones need immediate attention else they can damage the motherboard, touchpad, screen and other components! Here at Yaantra, we have certified experts who can restore water damaged smartphones with warranty and a competitive price tag.

Motherboard Faults: Motherboard is the most important component of a smartphone and any error can bring the entire system to a halt. At our mobile service center in Chennai we resolve all motherboard related faults under expert supervision.

Battery Issues:5

Does your smartphone battery get discharged in a couple of hours and recharges very slow? It’s a problem that needs an expert’s intervention. Without battery your smartphone is lifeless, so don’t wait visit YAANTRA’s nearest repair shop immediately.

Auto Switch Off: Abrupt switching off of smartphone can occur due to software faults. And it’s observed that it occurs during calls, video recording or while processing heavy tasks. We can repair such faults at affordable prices by directing power to all the components of the motherboard and making the software free from viruses.

Camera Problem:


Fed up of hazy photographs! Damaged camera lens or moisture around the lens or aperture faults can be the reasons to blame. But you can get these issues resolved simply by walking in to the nearest YAANTRA Repair Center.

Internet Issue: Without internet your smartphone becomes an adorable useless box! If your phone has developed any sort of Wi-Fi, GPS or any other connectivity issue then associate with our experts and get your smart device repaired at best prices with after repair warranty.

Getting a smartphone repair is a headache because there no one stop window that caters to all the repair needs. You first have to locate the official service center of your brand, visit there, meet the executives explain them about the fault multiple times and then pay a hefty price even for minor repair works. But Yaantra works differently and ensures that a customer walks out of our repair centre with a smile. So next time make sure that it’s YAANTRA!

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YAANTRA: XIAOMI’s Certified Repair Partner

Xiaomi has created a ripple in the smartphone market in India. It has challenged all the undisputed market leaders like Samsung, Sony, Motorola and more with its flagship mobiles at highly competitive prices. Xiaomi is currently topping the charts in every price segment with unique feature packed, value for money smartphones. Layered designing and engineering is a unique mash up that it has kept to the core of its philosophy. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer is definitely going to make it big in near future and YAANTRA will cater to proud Xiaomi smartphone owners with quality repair services as a certified repair partner.


Being a certified repair partner for Xiaomi we have the expertise in resolving faults related to its phones. Our tech-experts know the phones better and can cater to all the hardware and software needs of the customer.

Here are some flagship smartphones by Xiaomi that currently tops the bestseller positions.

Redmi Note 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is in no manner less than a high-end smartphone in the market. The phone runs on a 4100 mAh battery and is backed by a powerful 14nm FinFET Snapdragon 625 processor with 4GB RAM. The smartphone features 13MP CMOS camera in an elegant metal body with 128GB expandable memory, fingerprint sensor and many exciting features. If you too are a proud owner of this marvelous piece of technology and are looking for repair services then pay a visit to the nearest Yaantra Ghaziabad repair store for reliable & quality services.   


Redmi 4

Xiaomi Redmi 4 is powered by Snapdragon 435 octa-core processor in an anodized aluminum frame with 12.7cm (5) display. Get HD quality pictures using the 13MP primary camera and keep those files and photographs secure with fingerprint sensor unlock mechanism. With dual apps and second space feature you can access two different app profiles and multiple user accounts on your device with their own wallpaper, files and apps. Isn’t it more than what you were seeking in a smartphone!


Redmi 4A

Redmi 4A is your new leisure and work companion that will assist you with its unique features and powerful processor! The smartphone by Xiaomi comprises Snapdragon 425 64-bit, quad-core processor that runs on a 3120mAh battery and enables the user to access multiple tabs simultaneously. MIUI 8 is a user-friendly OS that will surely take your experience to another level. If you come across any fault in the Xiaomi flagship phone then reach Yaantra for expert assistance.


Mi Max 2

With Mi Max 2 maximize your smartphone using experience! The smartphone features 16.4cm (6.44) immersive display in a highly durable and impressive metal body with larger pixel size that optimizes the display quality and supports the camera in taking HD pictures. Max 2 runs on Octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor. With split screen feature you can do two tasks simultaneously without juggling between multiple windows.

Xiaomi is bound to make it big with its latest smartphones at reasonable prices. With an increasing base in the Indian smartphone market the need for technical support for its phones will also increase and YAANTRA will cater to those needs. You can visit the nearest Ghaziabad Repair Center for all types of for all brands.

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Smart Investment for Smartphones: Power Banks

In this digital age you have got to stay online every moment to keep pace with the fast changing world. And this makes the role of a power bank much more profound. All the batteries run for a defined time span and needs frequent recharges for fresh sessions. Power banks are a portable invention that empowers you to recharge your phone on the go. These portable power houses offer a long battery backup for ‘n’ number of days and serve you with multiple recharges. You can charge all your digital devices with this revolutionary invention. Just like mobile phones power banks too are creating a niche for themselves in the market. Both offline and online markets are flooded with power banks by diverse brands with multiple features attached.


Here are some key points that you should keep in mind before making the purchase.

High Capacity Power Bank  

You can never rely on your phone’s battery! At times when you don’t use your phone much the battery can serve you the whole day. But if you are working on multiple screens and running power hungry apps then you will surely drain it faster. Video calls, mobile gaming and multi-tasking are some factors that drain a major chunk of the battery. Opt for minimum 10000mAh power banks as they can last longer.

Hassel Free Functioning & Quick Charging

Power banks that offer quick recharging and are portable are always in demand. You can carry them while travelling or just every day anywhere with you. Market is flooded with myriad options featuring affordable, lightweight & compact designs, but functionality is what you should emphasis on. Buy power banks that are handy & features easy plug-in sockets and quick recharging.


Multiple Device Compatibility

Power banks are not just energy boosters for smartphones rather you can charge your digital cameras, tablets, MP3 along with many other digital devices. Make sure that the power bank you are planning to purchase is compatible with every digital device of yours.

Keep these points in mind before you login to buy mobile power banks online in India. Smart investments are those that give you returns for a long term and Yaantra’s exclusive collection of power banks is one such investment plan. If you are planning to shop for power bank online then you must explore the best options available at Get great deals on robust power banks in stylish designs. Access our wide range and select power banks with additional features like dual, triple charging ports, flashlight, digital analog screen, over-charging protection, short-circuit protection, temp. Monitoring functions and lots more.

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Top 4 Tips for Better Smartphone Battery Life

One of the many complaints from smartphone users are that of their batteries’ lives is too short. We all know that the smartphone technology is improving day by day, but developments in battery longevity haven’t kept pace with other technological advances. May be this is why one of the most asked questions we hear is, ‘How can I extend my phone’s battery life?’ It is usually seen that for some smartphone batteries to go a full day without recharging is impossible. Looking at all these queries, Yaantra has launched their own range of power banks which are the best in the category and is properly tried and tested to suit everyone’s requirement to power any device on the go.


Regardless of the solution provided by Yaantra’s power banks, wouldn’t it be amazing to know that there are some things that we all can do to extend the battery life of smartphones? Here is how:

  1. Firstly, our suggestion would be to always use your phone on lower screen brightness and kill anything which you aren’t actively using. Display brightness takes away a lot of power from your phone regardless of the fact what device you may be using. This will eventually improve battery life across the board.
  2. Secondly, turn off things you aren’t really using. A general question to everyone would be, do you leave all the lights on while leaving your home? Of course not right? Electricity costs money. Likewise, The same principle applies to your phone, but instead of paying money, you are paying with a dead battery at half day.
  3. Thirdly, what drains your battery life is all the connectivity features in your smartphone. If you wish to conserve then you should always turn off you WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth features. And if you still want to aggressively control our battery drain, you might even want to disable your mobile network connection by putting you phone on airplane mode.
  4. Forth and a very common thing which can save your battery is by shutting down vibration. We generally use vibration when we are in a situation where in we wouldn’t normally be able to hear your cell phone. However, technically to produce the vibrating effect, your device has to spin up a small vibration motor every time which can be really draining your battery.

There are many more to add on to this basic list to save your smartphone’s battery life, but if all of these suggestions are not helping you, we would suggest you to call Yaantra and book a repair on – 7290064542. After all the best care of your smartphone can be taken by our expert technicians and also provide Upto 90 days Yaantra warranty over and above all the discounts available. Hurry and book a repair now!


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Locals Are Enjoying Yaantra’s Mobile Repair Services in Bangalore!

Bangalore being the IT capital of India, it has always attracted techies and IT companies to lay down the foundation of services that can satisfy customer’s need. With same sort of determination and passion, India’s No. 1 repair company kicked off their premier repair services in this city few months ago.

0. mobile repair creative

It’s been some time now since the company established itself in this technology prone city and results are just amazing. According to a small survey, conducted by company itself, it seems the people living in Bangalore are fond of our repair services, all due credit goes to the innumerable value added services, which yaantra promises.

But who should be credited for yaantra’s success in such a short time? Company’s great service? Or people, who have understood the value of a repair? Probably, both!

Founded in 2013, Yaantra’s move to Bangalore was expected, but no one would have ever imagined that this company will become such a big name in repair business especially in this part of India. Within short span of time, Bangalore’s locals have discovered a sort of trust and have shown faith in yaantra because they understood company’s USP exceptionally well which includes:

  • Free Pickup & Drop Service
  • 1 Month Warranty on mobile repair and 3 months warranty on iPhone repair
    Have-you-ever-purchased-a-smartphone-or-tablet-without-a-warranty (1).jpg
  • Repair or Full Refund Policy

  • Quality Repair That Lasts Long
  • Certified engineers assistance

Not just this, there are series of small but effective USPs  including full data security, fastest turnaround time, promise repairing for all mobile faults and many more, all of this has made people believe in yaantra.

X factor for company is considered to be the quality that they have in their mobile repair services and it is one of the reason, which is keeping them alive in repair business despite having serious competition around.


Overall, yaantra has taken big strides in Bangalore and looking at the customer’s response, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this company is here to stay for a long time.

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Do you Understand Cache memory?

No one can deny the fact that the smartphone network today has a built itself a grand fan building than ever. With everyday improvements these devices are becoming more and more beloved to you. But along with all these updates, has your device begun to lag lately or its performance has retarded recently, then there is a possibility that you are not taking care of your smartphone as smartly as you should have been.


Well your device makes you keeps you happy most of the times with loaded and updated apps, but you are equally responsible to maintain this efficiency of your smartphone. It is possible that your device has a huge portion of cache memory. Defining it in simple words, the Cached data is nothing but files, images, scripts and other media files stored on your devices by any website or app. Data is stored on your devices in a reserved space, so the next time when you are visiting the app or website, information is already available. It makes the process faster as it does not require loading of all the files again.

Lets make it simple to understand using an example,  say you and your friends visited a place for the very first time, so what does your brain does other than thinking of the fun you all can have? Well it makes a map of your surroundings at the same time. It notices everything and stores it in memory so that when your visit the same again in sometime, it is easier for you to settle. This is somewhat the same way in which cached data behaves. When a device visits a website or uses an app, certain data is stored in the form of cache in the device memory. Next time when your smartphone accesses the same web site, it is easier for the device to access it because of the cached data that was stored when the website was visited the first time.

The main reason why cached data exists is to reduce loading time. So if the device already has the layout of the website saved in the form of cached data, it will not have to load that same data once again. This helps in quickening the process of loading the website. This makes cache helpful, doesn’t it? Then why remove it, lets see that too.

While cached data is helpful for computers, smartphones, and tablets, it can take up space on your device and it may, over a period of time, get corrupt. While the cached data on your device can be helpful for the websites you visit regularly, it can be considered a waste for those websites which you will be visiting just once and there is greater possibility that you won’t access them in near future. But you don’t have to spend a penny on this or get your device repaired, it is done with a few simple steps.

Android devices manage app data very efficiently, and for most of the users, you will not have to worry about managing the cached data manually. However, when the phone begins to face issues and you are trying to fix a problem by following certain troubleshooting steps, then you may come across a step which may ask you to clear cache.

 All apps, whether they are system apps or third party apps will have cached data. Since cached data is automatically created and it does not include any important data, wiping or clearing the cache for an app or a device is harmless. So check your smartphone memory and now and wipe the cache data and experience better functioning of your device again.


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Dish all set to venture into Mobile Repair Industry. But Why?

It’s almost been a year, when Dish network announced their plan to take giant footstep into mobile repair business by tendering doorstep services for all apple iPhone users in the U.S. The announcement was sort of alarm for local players, who were earlier competing with skimpy players and now, they have mammoth task of competing with big name like Dish.

However, Dishmade it clear that they will come with engineers to repair cracked screens, and replace batteries for all both dish and non-dish subscribers in US for now, but still, there is serious amount of insecurity in existing player regarding this.

mobile repair

What made Dish venture into mobile repair business?

The emergence of smartphone as premier device in consumer electronic and its capabilities to perform alike Television has been a headache for DISH. They are completely aware of the fact that more and more users in this generation are using smartphone for live streaming of the shows, sports, movies, etc and this can go against their business. With Dish tendering services for the television, got bit insecure and finally, taken a final call to enter mobile repairing industry with assisting premium level iPhone repair services for both dish and non-dish subscribers.

What is Dish’s Smart Home Service? How It Will Be Beneficial for user Mobile User?

Basically, Dish runs a plan for assisting their users with all sorts of services under one scheme and this plan is known as Dish Smart Home Service. Under this plan, dish tenders users with setup and installation of television, network setup and remaining surrounding services. The reports claims that company is eager to add devices especially smartphone accessories in this plan in coming years for assisting mobile phone users.

What Benefits Dish will have by entering Smartphone repair Business?

There is two prime reason why dish is keen to enter repair industry:

  1. Revenue Generation

With mobile repairing industry has been recognized as the highest revenue generating sector, it is quite understandable that why dish desperately wanted to enter it. They are wondering they can make additional revenue by setting up their foot in repair industry.

  1. Security with change in trend

With more and more Dish subscribers shifting to smartphones and enjoying live streaming there. Dish has taken massive decision to protect itself from cord cutting from trend. Even company has announced its streaming service “SLING TV” that allows users to enjoy three streams simultaneously. With such services, people have started switching to smartphone for live streaming and it allows users to take final call

    A Masterstroke by Dish!

With keeping future aspects in mind and knowing business value of mobile repair industry, it would not be wrong to say that it has been a masterstroke by Dish. Assisting iPhone customers with repair services is one minor step for entering into the world of mobile repair industry, but it will be interesting to see how it will affect repair industry in India in upcoming years.



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5 Signals That Shows Your Smartphone May Burst!

It’s one hell out of a serious stuff when a smartphone burst. It’s not just that it will cost the life of your expensive smartphone, instead it can even lead harm you physically. Last year itself, several smartphones of one leading big brand were busted causing some serious burning to the users and stirred panic amongst smartphone users around the world.

water damaged repair

 However, bursting of smartphone does not risk your life but the result can be seriously horrifying. Being smartphone user, we keep asking ourselves several questions “Will my smartphone bust?” Don’t stress! With this blog, you can escape the legislative issue such as smartphone bursting easily.

These are top 5 signals that you should not ignore to avoid bursting of smartphone:       

  1. Overheating Issue

The lithium-ion batteries have been designed to optimize the heat, which is generated while charging. Nevertheless, sometimes it started getting too much of heat, which is one usual sign that your smartphone may burst. All you can do is to get it replaced ASAP.

  1. Bulging Mobile Battery

Have your smartphone’s battery put on some weight? If yes, then you should get it replaced because it can cost your life. Bulging battery causes problems in circuitry of your smartphones and results in bursting of smartphone.

  1. Damaged Smartphone

There are numbers of people in India that continues to use their damaged smartphone just for the sake of saving few hundreds. However, by doing so, they are putting their life in danger because a damaged phone becomes prone to technology.

  1. Charging smartphone in Hill Station

Since we are almost into the monsoon season, a trip to hill station looks too far. Nevertheless, still it is the best time to plan a trip to hill station. With a trip, you got to need your smartphone for several cases, mostly for capturing all the memories. But do you know that charging your mobile in low temperature area can result in bursting of smartphone.

  1. Buying Battery from Non-Popular Brands

It’s too often that most of people do prefer to buy battery from non-so popular brand because they fell local and branded battery just doesn’t differ that much. But they are not aware that local manufacturer fails to meet safety standard that leading brands does and thus, these batteries explodes due to other hazards.

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Expert Mobile Repair Made Easily Available

From calling your loved ones to carrying out an online transaction, your smartphone is a device capable of doing tasks that were earlier accessible only through desktop computers. All you need internet connectivity and a smartphone loaded with all the latest technological advancements. But what if your handset meets an accident and now it is not friendly with you as it used to be. Don’t worry, we are here for you.


At Yaantra, we provide smartphone repair services for all the brands and all faults. So if the day has been rough with you and your phone, don’t be sad. We can bring your device to the exact condition you desire, be it like a brand new device or the way you have optimised it for yourself. Living in today’s world of advanced and rapidly updating tech, we need to keep up with the pace & having a smartphone with newly fostered features is of utmost importance.

There are numerous instances that can cause severe damage to your device say if it drops from your pocket or it has suffered water damage or any other then your smartphone needs immediate attention. There is a good possibility that now your smartphone needs repair to get back to its former state. And the zillion dollar question arises, get it repaired from where? How to make sure that which store you should visit, how trustworthy is the repair shop or should you visit the brand’s authorised service centre?

From a cracked LCD screen to defective speakers, from battery issues to software glitches, we repair every phone and every fault. At Yaantra, we take utmost care of your device and make sure that you are satisfied with your repaired phone and our services too.

We offer services that no one else can provide to make your phone repair hassle free. Here at Yaantra, we check your device and figure out the root of the problem. Then our professional and experienced technicians operate on your smartphone and make sure that it works absolutely fine, just the way you need it. We make sure that the tools and parts are best suited with your cellphone. Only after the certification received from our team, your device is returned to you.

We offer free pick up and drop services for your smartphone, Yes you read it right we do. And not just that we ensure to deliver a perfectly operating smartphone to you. It’s a Yaantra promise that your smartphone is always in safe hands. From the time we have picked it up, through repairs and till we deliver it back to you, your cellphone’s security is not compromised at any stage. We also offer the shortest turn around time as compared to any other smartphone repair service provider in the area.

At the time of delivery of your smartphone, we simply don’t deliver a phone but we also promise a warranty period of 30 days for your phone, which is not provided by any other repair service provider. All these factors, makes us the best smartphone repair service available at any hour of the day.  We also provide an additional assistance to you so that you can keep a track of your smartphone during the time duration it stays with us.

So in case your smartphone meets a fatal injury, just take a deep breath and call us, we will more than happy to serve you and make your smartphone repair affordable and hassle free, just for you.

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How to Save the Life of Your Smartphone from the Rim of Watery Death?


It can happen anytime! It can happen with anyone. Even with you. There is possibility that you may drop your smartphone in tub, sink or pool while talking, washing dishes, having food or while swimming. Then, it’s just a matter of micro seconds for water to get inside the smartphone, causing serious damage.

It becomes really devastating for anyone to witness the slow death of their smartphone due to water damage. But, you have nothing to fear about. There is still a possibility that you may be able to protect your smartphone from the brink of the death caused due to water damage.

You just have to follow below mentioned steps to deal with water damage, just after your device sinks in water:

Remove the Battery

The first thing that you have to do is to remove the battery of your smartphone as soon as it sinks. We all do this, but do you know why we remove battery immediately after phone is sunk in water?  The reason being, battery sends power through the circuits and phone fries when it hits excess patch of moisture. However, in case if your smartphone doesn’t have a removable battery, then you are advised to follow the second step.

Shut Down the Phone

Make sure you have turned off your smartphone immediately because the longer the phone stays switched on, the greater the risk will be of your device getting more damaged.

Blast with compressed Air

Use a can full of compressed air and blow it to clean out every  nook and corner for ensuring it’s prolonged life. In case your phone is off, blast air in every tiny hole including microphone port, charging dock, speaker ports.

 Use Hairdryer

If still in doubt, you can switch on your hair dryer for drying your smartphone. However, before using it on smartphone, make sure that it’s not on hot air mode instead; just use cool air for drying up all the water from your mobile device.