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Post GST Effects on Refurbished Smartphones

Last week was nothing short of havoc in the Indian telecom industry with the introduction of Goods & Service Tax (GST) by the government. The prices of smartphones have considerably increased, making it difficult for shoppers to buy. Smartphones lovers in India are finding it difficult to digest sudden hike in prices of the brand new smartphones. Will GST really impact the price of budget phones?

It doesn’t matter whether it is new or refurbished smartphone, GST has affected each of them. Now, the question arises that the so called budget phones, which are claimed to be affordable, are they still affordable?

No! GST has affected re-commerce sector immensely. Nevertheless, before reaching out to any conclusion, we have to understand how GST has affected re-commerce sector:



  1. When a consumer sells his old smartphone to the buyer (refurbisher). Then there is no VAT involved in this transaction because seller is not a registered entity
  2. On the other side, when refurbisher restores the old smartphone to fully working condition and sells the refurbished smartphone in the market, then he becomes liable to pay 5% VAT. Let me remind you one thing, that there is no VAT credited to refurbisher, since he had purchased old smartphone from an individual entity.
  3. What does this mean? It means, seller/manufacturer refurbisher had to pay the amount (VAT) from their pocket itself, which they were earlier deducted from their profit margins and this transaction was already proving to be a harmful one.


Since the implementation of GST, the VAT % has increased from 5% to 18%, cutting down the profit margins of the refurbisher to bare minimum. This dramatic hike in the VAT has made re-commerce sector non profitable and re-commerce companies are forced to increase the price of their products to survive in this difficult time.

However, despite the implementation of GST, there are number of leading companies in refurbished e-commerce sector including overcart, shoplcues, and who are still ensuring that their shoppers wouldn’t have to face the struggle while buying refurbished smartphone. These re-commerce smartphone companies are coming with daily deals, several offers and introducing several coupon codes consistently to allow customer to get relief.


While all of this is happening, we cannot deny the fact that it has become one hell of a trouble for these companies to survive after GST. Government needs to take some actions; probably they should lower down a certain percentage of tax to give some relief to the Refurbished companies.

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Rising Popularity of Xiaomi Mobile Phones

Looking at the market share today in the country no one can deny the exponential growth of Mi Phones in a very short period of time. As said by the experts, to succeed in the Indian marketplace as an International brand, one has to work and deliver their business the Indian way only. Xiaomi has applied this to their direct advantage and the stats spill out the popularity of this Chinese brand, as the second largest smart phone brand in the country with a market share of nearly 11% beaten by only Samsung which holds 25% of the total smart phone customers.dims.jpgThere are various factors that have contributed to the great success of Mi phones. The most important one being the price which the brand offers to it’s customers. The availability of prominent hardware features along with the sleek design is the main cause of attraction for customers focusing on value for money. The models launched by Xiaomi fulfils all the hardware requirements of the user that demands profound camera, (nearly) latest processors, long battery life, metal design beating the plastic ones and many more adding to the list. Just have a look at the various top selling Mi smartphones 

Next important factor that contributes to the success is the marketing strategy. Other than looking for a well known icon or a popular face the company has made a smarter move by reaching out to the valued customers directly via the Social media platforms like Facebook using the internet services. The company has approached the buyers directly aborting all the intermediate processes.

Strategies are extremely important but what adds more to it is the leadership of an experienced mind. The hiring of Google’s former employee Hugo Barra, as the Vice President of International Business, is one of the significant moves by Xiaomi that has helped the brand to reach current level of success. Barra has now resigned from the post because of his health issues and is now serving Facebook.


A great customer support for its customers all over the mainland covering all the major and minor issues is another plus point of the company. The option of the continued warranty of the MI phones even after the model has been rooted by the customer itself for various reasons is the sweet treat that other international brands have not been able to provide until now.

A common problem among this generation of smart phone users is that half of the amount of storage space of the phone is occupied by the pre installed apps in the device. Though most of them are not used frequently by the user, and sometimes its frustrating for the user who tries to install another app and fails because of not enough storage notification. This problem is also resolved by the Xiaomi, as it has given the facility to delete these apps and make the device even more likable for the end consumer.

Well! We hope that your works extremely fine as claimed by the manufacturer. Even then for any issues that you might be experiencing with your handset and you end up losing your phone’s warranty, we welcome you to Yaantra,  for a hassle free service with full customer satisfaction and value for your money.


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How to Save the Life of Your Smartphone from the Rim of Watery Death?


It can happen anytime! It can happen with anyone. Even with you. There is possibility that you may drop your smartphone in tub, sink or pool while talking, washing dishes, having food or while swimming. Then, it’s just a matter of micro seconds for water to get inside the smartphone, causing serious damage.

It becomes really devastating for anyone to witness the slow death of their smartphone due to water damage. But, you have nothing to fear about. There is still a possibility that you may be able to protect your smartphone from the brink of the death caused due to water damage.

You just have to follow below mentioned steps to deal with water damage, just after your device sinks in water:

Remove the Battery

The first thing that you have to do is to remove the battery of your smartphone as soon as it sinks. We all do this, but do you know why we remove battery immediately after phone is sunk in water?  The reason being, battery sends power through the circuits and phone fries when it hits excess patch of moisture. However, in case if your smartphone doesn’t have a removable battery, then you are advised to follow the second step.

Shut Down the Phone

Make sure you have turned off your smartphone immediately because the longer the phone stays switched on, the greater the risk will be of your device getting more damaged.

Blast with compressed Air

Use a can full of compressed air and blow it to clean out every  nook and corner for ensuring it’s prolonged life. In case your phone is off, blast air in every tiny hole including microphone port, charging dock, speaker ports.

 Use Hairdryer

If still in doubt, you can switch on your hair dryer for drying your smartphone. However, before using it on smartphone, make sure that it’s not on hot air mode instead; just use cool air for drying up all the water from your mobile device.


A Smartphone For Everyone

Looking for a Smartphone that suits your lifestyle and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket at the same time? But are you also confused whether it will match up to your expectations or not, as it claims it would? Well! Then, you can’t afford to miss this. Find out all that you need to know before buying your low budget high end phone.

Other than updated software, it is equally important to have good knowledge of the hardware specifications of your device. Over the years, hardware has improved dramatically and has become much cheaper, and this allows for affordable — high end — smartphones.

 You have come to the right place @

The very first thing that comes to your mind while looking out for a smartphone is whether the device lags or behaves sluggishly? This indeed is a serious issue at the time of chase. Or will the phone’s camera, ROM or storage meet your requirements at all times? Nowadays, these low budget phones have taken care of these primary issues and this is the main reason that these are attracting a large number of customers. For example the refurbished Xiaomi smartphones


Android One or Microsoft windows….which one is better? Since the market for Nokia phones has crashed there are not many choices left to buy. But no one can deny the popularity of Xiaomi phones all over Asia. While comparing the two, both provide their customers with nearly same software performance and yes, the regular updates on UI also.


In today’s time where everyone is addicted to selfies, why not but a phone that comes with a good rear and front camera. Flash along with the back camera is good but having flash with the front camera is complementary.


The core component of a smartphone is its processor, which eventually decides the speed and performance of your phone. There are various versions of processors that are available in different phones under distinctively different banners. Therefore, it is a necessity to check for one of the crucial components of your device, so that you don’t lag behind in the race of today’s time.


 This very factor plays a major role while opting to buy any smartphone in todays world. It totally depends on the buyer’s choice as to which screen size he/she is comfortable with. Be it a 4.8 inch display or a 5.5 inch display with gorilla glass 5. This particular factor gives an additional glow to your new phone and cannot be easily comprised.

-Volte Support:

One of the latest feature that has added to the phone’s glorry today is their compatibility with the high spectrum service of the Internet, more commonly known as Volte(Voice over LTE). With the world and technology both moving at a fast pace, having a phone without this service might slow you down.

All these services and features are available in the industry today, what comes along is the trust that you have with us, for those cases when your phone has gone through any sort if a damage and you need skilled set of hands to provide you with your great performing device contact

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Worried About Your Phone’s Life Expectancy?

According to the mobile phone technicians all around the world the life expectancy of any phone would be 2 years or a little more after which it starts showing you its true colours.

Worried teenager girl looking at her smart phone

Got an efficient branded device that boosts your confidence up? We would say that gives you a responsibility towards your smartphone to keep it in the same condition for a longer run and from there arises the concern to keep a check on the power source, technical glitches and unwanted intrusions on your phone. Shall we help you then??

The analytics helps us to find out more about the factors responsible behind a smartphone’s life expectancy which can help you prolong your device’s life. Yaantra is providing some easy and manageable ideas that can maintain your phone’s efficiency and also keep up with your lifestyle at the same time. When a new device is bought, we all feel a connection to our phone and a result we end up treating it like a new born baby, which includes a habit of keeping it clean. However, this habit wears off with time and this is one of the basic reasons that can affect the life span of any smartphone.

Be very careful when you keep your phone in a dusty place or when left in open because the dust particles can get into the device via open ports like headphone jack or even the charging point. This can cause heating problem in your device and if it goes unattended some of the components may lead to permanent failure. All of this can be avoided by simply using a dry brush and gently removing all the dust from your phone, investing a minute or two would actually add a lot to your phone’s lifetime.

Another vicious habit is leaving your phone on charging overnight while you are off to sleep. This habit of yours will kill the smartphone’s battery and it will never get cured. It will surely reduce your battery’s efficiency and working duration.

Some other habits include taking your phone with you while taking a shower without realising that the moisture generated by the steam can cause equal damage as submerging you device into an open pond or lake would cause. Adding to the harsh reality, ever wondered about some details mentioned on your phone box or manual that specifically mentions the temperature range in which the device should be kept? If not then go and check it now. Avoiding this can damage the battery, the processors or the LCD screen or end up shortening the lifespan of the smartphone.

Well! Now that you’ve got a nice branded device which is somehow infected with these issues or your phone is exposed to accidental damages like dents or scratches over the edges or a cracked screen or even liquid damages, Yaantra can definitely help you to get your device back to life. We at Yaantra have a very talented group of certified technicians who can take care of all you mobile phone worries. So my friend give your phone a regular checkup.

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Honor Bee Refurbished 8GB @ 3999! Is it worth it?

Pre-GST Sale has floated the opportunity for the Indian users to grab the smartphones with heavy discounts. You do have a lot of options to choose from, but one of the many smartphones that has been attracting customers lately is the Honor Bee 8GB, with an unbelievable offer price of just  Rs 3999 only on

Regardless of the offer there is always a doubt in customers’ mind, that such an amazing product when refurbished wouldn’t  guarantee quality, but a smartphone at such a moderate price tag with an assured warranty is a deal that you can’t afford to let go.


Probably, you might be in a dilemma whether to buy it or not? Will it be a smart buy? Or are there better options than this? With so many questions you might end up getting confused. Don’t be!  We are here with a series of valid reasons that will ensure that you own one of these by the end of this article.

  1. Impressive Memory Storage

With Honor Bee Refurbished smartphone, you can store whatever you want without worrying about memory storage.  This phone is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC7731 processor and it comes with 1GB of RAM along with 8 GB internal memory, which is easily expandable Upto 32 GB via memory card that is sufficient for storing all your data, images, videos, songs and much more.

  1. Bigger display

When you are not in the comfort of your house, we are sure you miss watching cricket & movies on the big screen. But not anymore! The phone comes with a 4.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels, which allows you to play games, watch movies, enjoy cricket & much more.

  1. Processes faster than a Tracer Bullet

It’s fast! It’s really fast! Packed with 1.3GHz octa-core processor and OS Android 5.1, Honor Bee 8GB ensures seamless functionality without any hitches. It means now playing games, downloading movies, surfing internet and switching between applications have become easier and lesser time consuming.

  1. Extended Warranty

Warranty on refurbished smartphone is something you must have never imagined, but Honor Bee 8GB refurbished smartphone comes with 6 months yaantra warranty, which gives you the confidence of an all new smartphone while using it.

  1. Stylish & Elegant

This smartphone will suit your fast paced dynamic lifestyle and will be an ideal addition to your digital world. The streamlined body design, elegant black color with its capability to perform seamless multi-functionalities makes it a perfect partner for you.

Seamless functionality, moderate price tag, streamlined body design. What else do you expect from a refurbished smartphone? It is value for money and you should grab the offer before it ends.

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Yaantra Announces Pre-GST Sale!

This summer has witnessed the carnival of discounts and sale on India’s leading mobile repair and refurbished company.  It was just few days back, when Yaantra had introduced Mobile maniac sale and now they have come with exclusive pre-GST Sale for smartphone lovers.


This Sale will allow the shoppers to grab branded refurbished and unboxed smartphones up to 60% OFF. Not just this, even customer can avail the extra discount of 5% on prepaid orders. With so much of discount, here is a chance for the smartphone lover to choose their desirable refurbished smartphone from the different brands including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo, Motorola, Xiaomi and much more.

“Everyone is asking how we manage to do this? (Referring to introducing back to back sale) See our prime motto is customer satisfaction and we totally understand how to live up to the expectations of our valuable customers.  Millions of Indians have loved and accepted us and their love has made us leading name in mobile repair and refurbished business.  Apart from the hard work and determination of our employees, customers are other consolidate factor behind Yaantra’s stature as India’s No. 1 mobile repair & refurbished company” said the company’s spokesperson.

Asked if this sale will put yaantra ahead of their competitors, company’s spokesperson said “five out of the ten visitors on yaantra looks for heavy discount on refurbished smartphone. Even our last “mobile maniac sale” was a blockbuster, where shoppers looted refurbished and unboxed smartphone of different category and the same is expected from Pre-GST Sale.”

Shoppers get ready with your cards and cash to enjoy the biggest sale of the summer, where you can upgrade your digital world with branded smartphones that will suit your changing lifestyle.

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Chennai Get Ready to Save Big on Mobile Repair!

Are you a native of Chennai? Or willing to visit there in near future or probably your relative resides there? If yes, then here is one heck of good news that will probably bring a smile on your face and will allow you to save moderate amount of money.

Wondering how? Guys India’s most affordable mobile repair service provider after offering quality repair service in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore is now all set to kick start their services in Chennai.


However, there is lot of more that you will get from Yaantra:

  1. Free Pickup & delivery Service

We all know how hot is out there in Chennai and even despite the fact that locals are habitual of Chennai Summer, the free pickup-drop service of Yaantra will give a bit of relief to their natives. Yaantra will make sure that their boy will pick the defective smartphone from your home, will repair it and will deliver it once it will be fully repaired.

  1. Quality Repair

One thing that you will for sure get from Yaantra is quality mobile repair. The leading name in cellphone repair business has always promise and delivered quality repair in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and now it is here in Chennai to provide the mobile users with top notched quality service.


  1. 30 Days Repair warranty

Repair warranty on mobile phone! Shocked? You should be because No. 1 crowned mobile repair company is one of the few names in cellphone repair business that promise one month after repair warranty. The company always believes in satisfying customers by providing repair warranty to make sure that customer will get satisfied at the time of repair and even remain assured of quality repair for the next 30 days too.


  1. True Price tag on all mobile repair

Quality repair with genuine price tag is something mobile users in Chennai must have dreamed of. But now their dream is about to fulfill. With the arrival of Yaantra’s mobile repair service in the health city of India, people will be able to save considerable amount of money on mobile repair. The company charges just moderate amount as compared to the other repair players in market.

  1. Express Repair Service

You never like to wait. You may be a desperate sort of guy that wants things to be sorted ASAP. With our life depends on mobile heavily, it really become challenging stuff to stay away from our smartphone. Keeping in mind all these things, Yaantra has express repair services that promise to repair your device within 48 business hours.

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Yaantra Launches Their Services in Chennai!

India based leading mobile repair and refurbished service provider, Yaantra is all set to kick start their services in the health capital of India, Chennai. This will be the first time that company has decided to move towards the south of India.  The plan to start availing services in Chennai was always back of the mind of the management of company, but finally they decided to on the mid of June.

Company is currently assisting customer with quality repair and refurbished services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore and has served over millions of customers in past four years.


The CEO & founder of company, Mr. Jayant Jha in an interaction with media wing said “Chennai is one city that was in our mind when we laid down the foundation of Gadgetwood Eservices (now changed to Yaantra). It is a beautiful part of the India where, telecom industry has groomed rapidly like everything. With most of people are having smartphone, there is serious need of quality repair services at moderate prices which is something that we have managed to do successfully in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Chennai.”

He further added” With our refurbished business flourished massively in last 6 months and our website has become one verified destination for refurbished smartphone, we will be more than happy to offers certified refurbished smartphones in Chennai.”

It is the massive movement for a company, which is determined to expand their mobile repair and refurbished services in key cities of India before reaching outside the India.

Yaantra is powered by Gadgetwood eServices which was founded way back in 2013 under the guidance of Mr. Jayant Jha(CEO), Mr. Anmol Gupta(CFO) and Mr. Ankit Saraf (COO). After two consecutive successful years in mobile repair business, company soon attracted the eyes of investors and raised whopping sum of investment from Carpediem Capital Partners and instantly started their mobile refurbished service on their website . Till date, Yaantra has repaired over 2L+ smartphones, sold over 1L+ refurbished smartphones, and has over 5L+ happy customers across India.

Buy quality certified refurbished smartphone at lowest price in Chennai. Yaantra has wide range of specially customized branded refurbished smartphones which comes with 6 months warranty. You can choose refurbished mobile phone from leading brands including Apple, Xiaomi, Blackberry, Samsung, & much more. Hurry to get best quality refurbished smartphone before anyone else shop it out


Yaantra Woos Shoppers with its Mobile Maniac Sale!

Are you planning to buy unboxed smartphone? Or probably looking to ditch your old mobile phone to get refurbished smartphone?  If yes, then hang on! Here is your chance to grab the best of refurbished & unboxed smartphone at lowest price in India.  Yaantra, a leading brand in mobile refurbished has announced its biggest sale of the summer “Mobile Mania” for its shoppers offering wide assortments of branded refurbished and unboxed smartphone on huge discount.

In its 15 days long mega sale, Yaantra will enable their shoppers with 50% discount on all branded budgets phones including big influential brands such as Asus, Xiaomi, Lenovo, HTC, LeTv, Motorola, Samsung and much more . It means customer will be able to own refurbished smartphone at lowest ever price in India.


Company’s Spokesperson informed media wing “The idea behind launching Mobile maniac sale is enable all the mobile maniacs out there to get their desired smartphone at lowest price.  New generation customer loves to remain updated with latest technology, but not everyone manages to do so. Our Maniac sale is ideal for such shopper with minimum budget to buy refurbished phones. Even, we do understand the need to come with regular deals for our shoppers, which have admired, adore, accepted and made us an ultimate online shopping destination for budget phone.”

Meanwhile, it is not the first time that company has come with attractive sale for their users. In last few months, company had introduced series of sale. But this mobile maniac is the biggest of them. So, mobile maniacs hold your seals belts and get-set-ready to cash biggest opportunity to grab the best of refurbished smartphone on shocking prices.

Mobiles play a major role in your professional, personal and social life. At a time when your devices run into a problem, leave it to the experts of Yaantra Team. Backed by long years of experience, at Yaantra you can be rest assured you can get the job done quickly and effectively.

“Yaantra” Launched in April 2013, started with an idea of offering users in India dependable Technical Support and Quality Repair Services in consumer electronics (Smartphone’s & Tablets), backed by a knowledgeable & certified team of resources; serving customers online and directly at their doorsteps.