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Why Refurbished Smartphones are Trending?

Let’s start from the beginning! The literal meaning of the word refurbish is to ‘renovate’. Refurbished phones are repaired of all the faults and resold. But there are so many myths attached to its meaning that a customer is always apprehensive about the term and feels that a refurbished product is of inferior quality, which is absolutely not the case! Refurbished products undergo rigorous procedure involving steps such as fault investigation, repair and overhaul to resolve the issues and restore the products to its original factory settings. The long and short of it is that a refurbished product is not new but is ‘LIKE-NEW’.


All about the Refurbished Smartphones

  • It is believed that refurbished phones are cheaper because they have a hidden fault, which is absolutely false. Refurbished smartphones are cheaper because they no longer contain the factory seal and have been returned from its first owner that too in a very short time span after the purchase. And it’s a universal phenomenon that when any product gets sold for the first time its value only depreciates thereafter.
  • People also believe that refurbished phones comprise fake parts and accessories. To counter this we must tell you that only the faults are worked upon when a phone enters YAANTRA refurbishing lab and no other part or no other setting is disturbed during its stay in our refurb lab.
  • Another widely believed notion is that these products have major cosmetic imperfections or does not function properly. It’s essential to enlighten you on this aspect, as all the refurbished smartphones are tested and worked upon thoroughly till they are made devoid of all cosmetic imperfections. The software faults are also resolved so that the smartphone can function as competently as a new sealed smartphone.

Journey of a Refurbished Smartphone

  • Entry Level Scanning
  • Repair to resolve all Hardware & Software Faults
  • Internal Quality Check and External Quality Check
  • Sanitization of the Device
  • Compilation of accessories such as Charger & Earphones
  • Re-Packaging the Device
  • YAANTRA labeling depending on the quality category: Excellent, Good & Acceptable


Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

Refurbished smartphones is a young concept for Indian market and its customers. There is no denial that the segment comes with loads of opportunities and challenges that needs to be addressed along the way for it to flourish. If you too are apprehensive about the refurbished smartphones or have any query, associate with YAANTRA: The Refurbishing Experts! Access a genuine range of high-end refurbished smartphones by visiting YAANTRA’s online portal and pick your favourite smartphone at lucrative prices.

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How to Choose Smartphones under Sabse Saste Segment

The ongoing week of “Sabse Saste Smartphones under 2999” at YAANTRA is enough to change that boring handset of yours with latest technology backed phone. With a wide range of smartphone brands, plethora of technology features and numerous smartphone variants, it’s almost impossible to pick just one! The sabse saste segment features popular models such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Apple iPhone 6s, Xiaomi Redmi 4, Samsung Galaxy J5, Xiaomi mi4i and many more at up to 70% off! Get benefits like Mobikwik, Paytm off, free shipping, ‘NOCOSTEMI’ and more with every purchase.

Here are 5 tips that will assist you narrow down that long wishlist to 5 most fundamental aspects.


First and foremost thing that comes to mind is ‘BUDGET’ but because it’s the sabse saste Smartphones you need not worry about that! So let’s switch to the other substantial points.

Opt for User Friendly OS

Android and IOS are the two most popular operating systems that are trending in the international market. Both have their own list of merits and demerits that a user must go through before coming to a conclusion. Android OS is widely popular as it’s offered by numerous brands such as Sony Micromax, HTC and Motorola etc while the iOS is offered only by Apple.

Invest in a Powerful Processor & High Capacity RAM

Talking about processors we have numerous choices from single-core, dual-core, quad-core, octa-core to deca-core. While choosing the processor one must analyze one’s requirements thoroughly. If you are someone who is not a tech savvy and makes minimum use of smartphone then investing in quad-core processor or a higher variant is of no use. A processor assists you in conducting multiple tasks simultaneously, so think about your processor needs meticulously. As far as RAM is considered, the more the RAM the better it is.

Spend on Quality Display

Display is another important aspect that a smartphone buyer must mull over. The market is flooded with options like HD Display, Apple’s patent Retina display, AMOLED display and more. Base your decision on resolution and pixel density as they are the two factors that determine the display quality. Opt for smartphones having high pixel and resolution density.


Go for High Power Batteries

Battery is another significant aspect that buyers must focus on! Smartphones need uninterrupted power supply to run power hungry apps, processor, games in short efficiently run the entire device to its optimum potential. Opt for high mAh batteries as they last longer.

Look for Latest Connectivity Features

Connectivity and file sharing features are highly significant. Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB cable supported file sharing are some features that you must invest in. with all these connectivity options you can connect with other devices easily to share and receive data smoothly.

So, now you can begin your quest for a smartphone that caters to your specific needs. Keep these points in mind before coming to a conclusion. Visit to access the sabse saste smartphones inventory under 2999.

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SAMSUNG:Big Brand Sale Only On Yaantra

The war between all the top selling smartphones is never ending. All of it just boils down to what the customer needs and what purpose is the smartphone fulfilling. If you are looking for a great smartphone with a big display, high resolution camera, superior quality touch, then there is no other smartphone brand that should come up in your mind but Samsung. There are a lot of great smartphone options that Samsung has come up with over all these years and yaantra has put all of the Refurbished Samsung Smartphones for the brand loving customers.

The concept of unboxed, refurbished and pre-owned phones is comparatively new to Indian markets. To clear out all doubts here is a quick brief to help the customers understand these terminologies better.

Unboxed Smartphones are seal-opened Unbox products which are returned by customers within maximum 1 weeks of use. They work as good as new. These products go through stringent quality checks covering both physical & functional aspects before they are put up for sale. All original accessories including brand warranty of 6 months.
Refurbished Smartphones are those products which have been repaired by experts to restore them to their original full functioning state. They go through stringent quality checks covering both physical & functional aspects before they are put up for sale. The final refurbished product includes Yaantra’s branded box and all the accessories. Additionally, all products are covered with Yaantra warranty of minimum 6 months.
Pre-owned Smartphones and refurbished are almost same products & are returned by customers.

The product goes through stringent quality checks covering both physical & functional aspects before it is put up for sale. The final preowned product includes Yaantra branded box and 6 month warranty. It is in acceptable working condition; however there might be minor sign of tear and wear in the device.
Yaantra has launched its Big Brand Sale wherein you’ll be able to take full advantage of all amazing offers and the lowest prices guaranteed of all Refurbished Samsung Smartphones. The company claims to offer upto 60% Discount on all Samsung Phones with Extra 10% off on prepaid orders.
What are you waiting for? Grab the offers till stocks last. Hurry! Don’t miss out on these amazing refurbished smartphones at such affordable rates.


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Best Refurbished Phones Under Rs.2999

Yes! You read it right, we have got a bunch of most affordable refurbished phones that suits your style and puts no constraint on your budget either. Still confused which one to buy in this festive season? The solution is right here in front of you, with our best-selling refurbished smartphones at Rs.2999, Rs.3999 & Rs.4999 only. It is so affordable that now you can even think of gifting smartphones to your relatives. With Diwali & Bhai-Duj just around the corner, we are here to fulfil all your dreams.

under 2999

  • Motorola Moto 2nd gen (Xt1506) 4GB

The Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) 8GB mobile features 5.0″ (12.7 cm) display and runs on Android v4.4.4 (Kitkat) operating system. This refurbished device is powered by a Quad core, 1.2 GHz, Cortex A7 processor paired with 1 GB of RAM. As far as the battery is concerned it has 2070 mAh. Over that, this mobile has an amazing 8 MP rear camera.

  • Sony Xperia M 4GB

The Sony Xperia M mobile features 4″ (10.16 cm) display and runs on Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system. This refurbished device is powered by a Dual core, 1 GHz, Krait processor paired with 1 GB of RAM. As far as the battery is concerned it has 1750 mAh. As far as the rear camera is concerned this mobile has a 5 MP camera.

Diwali Banner

This category has a lot of top selling refurbished smartphones whose prices have been reduced to Rs.2999 as Yaantra makes sure to take care of all its customers’ needs, catering to each and every price category. This segment also includes; Alcatel one touch idol 4GB, Karbann TITANIUM S4 plus 4GB, Swipe Elite Star 8GB, Sony M Dual (C2004) 4GB and others.

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4G Refurb Sale: Biggest Smartphone Sale Ends on 9th September

India’s no 1 mobile refurbished company Yaantra, has announced their 4G Refurb Sale that has kicked off from 1st of September and will continue till 9th of September. During the sale, company will bring latest segments of refurbished and unboxed smartphones of different brand on heavy discount.


This sale is considered to one of the biggest in context of mobile refurbished industry and Yaantra believes that it can prove to be a revenue driving sale. During the sale, shoppers will be offered discount of Flat 25% on 4G Smartphones of various brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Motorola, Letv, Asus, Gionee, Micromax, LG and much more.

Not just this, extra 5% flat off will be attached on the prepaid orders. With so many offers and discounts, company is expecting this sale to be a blockbuster, especially knowing the fact that it is the salary time and most of the shoppers will be looking to upgrade themselves with the new smartphones.

While talking about the sale, company’s spokesperson said “this 4G refurb sale is all about latest, trendy 4G smartphones. We have brought an exclusive collection of top selling 4G refurbished, unboxed and pre-owned smartphones at considerable discounted prices.”


He further added “Now that India has become a technology savvy country and everyone loves to get upgraded with latest technology, especially when it comes to smartphones. Keeping in mind all these aspects we have come with our 4G Refurb Sale.”

It looks like company is determined to enhance their business and is trying to be the national leader in the mobile refurbished industry.

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Locals Are Enjoying Yaantra’s Mobile Repair Services in Bangalore!

Bangalore being the IT capital of India, it has always attracted techies and IT companies to lay down the foundation of services that can satisfy customer’s need. With same sort of determination and passion, India’s No. 1 repair company kicked off their premier repair services in this city few months ago.

0. mobile repair creative

It’s been some time now since the company established itself in this technology prone city and results are just amazing. According to a small survey, conducted by company itself, it seems the people living in Bangalore are fond of our repair services, all due credit goes to the innumerable value added services, which yaantra promises.

But who should be credited for yaantra’s success in such a short time? Company’s great service? Or people, who have understood the value of a repair? Probably, both!

Founded in 2013, Yaantra’s move to Bangalore was expected, but no one would have ever imagined that this company will become such a big name in repair business especially in this part of India. Within short span of time, Bangalore’s locals have discovered a sort of trust and have shown faith in yaantra because they understood company’s USP exceptionally well which includes:

  • Free Pickup & Drop Service
  • 1 Month Warranty on mobile repair and 3 months warranty on iPhone repair
    Have-you-ever-purchased-a-smartphone-or-tablet-without-a-warranty (1).jpg
  • Repair or Full Refund Policy

  • Quality Repair That Lasts Long
  • Certified engineers assistance

Not just this, there are series of small but effective USPs  including full data security, fastest turnaround time, promise repairing for all mobile faults and many more, all of this has made people believe in yaantra.

X factor for company is considered to be the quality that they have in their mobile repair services and it is one of the reason, which is keeping them alive in repair business despite having serious competition around.


Overall, yaantra has taken big strides in Bangalore and looking at the customer’s response, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this company is here to stay for a long time.

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Do you Understand Cache memory?

No one can deny the fact that the smartphone network today has a built itself a grand fan building than ever. With everyday improvements these devices are becoming more and more beloved to you. But along with all these updates, has your device begun to lag lately or its performance has retarded recently, then there is a possibility that you are not taking care of your smartphone as smartly as you should have been.


Well your device makes you keeps you happy most of the times with loaded and updated apps, but you are equally responsible to maintain this efficiency of your smartphone. It is possible that your device has a huge portion of cache memory. Defining it in simple words, the Cached data is nothing but files, images, scripts and other media files stored on your devices by any website or app. Data is stored on your devices in a reserved space, so the next time when you are visiting the app or website, information is already available. It makes the process faster as it does not require loading of all the files again.

Lets make it simple to understand using an example,  say you and your friends visited a place for the very first time, so what does your brain does other than thinking of the fun you all can have? Well it makes a map of your surroundings at the same time. It notices everything and stores it in memory so that when your visit the same again in sometime, it is easier for you to settle. This is somewhat the same way in which cached data behaves. When a device visits a website or uses an app, certain data is stored in the form of cache in the device memory. Next time when your smartphone accesses the same web site, it is easier for the device to access it because of the cached data that was stored when the website was visited the first time.

The main reason why cached data exists is to reduce loading time. So if the device already has the layout of the website saved in the form of cached data, it will not have to load that same data once again. This helps in quickening the process of loading the website. This makes cache helpful, doesn’t it? Then why remove it, lets see that too.

While cached data is helpful for computers, smartphones, and tablets, it can take up space on your device and it may, over a period of time, get corrupt. While the cached data on your device can be helpful for the websites you visit regularly, it can be considered a waste for those websites which you will be visiting just once and there is greater possibility that you won’t access them in near future. But you don’t have to spend a penny on this or get your device repaired, it is done with a few simple steps.

Android devices manage app data very efficiently, and for most of the users, you will not have to worry about managing the cached data manually. However, when the phone begins to face issues and you are trying to fix a problem by following certain troubleshooting steps, then you may come across a step which may ask you to clear cache.

 All apps, whether they are system apps or third party apps will have cached data. Since cached data is automatically created and it does not include any important data, wiping or clearing the cache for an app or a device is harmless. So check your smartphone memory and now and wipe the cache data and experience better functioning of your device again.


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Things You Must Know About Yaantra Week Sale!

The upcoming week will be nothing short of a lottery for the smartphone users. Since the day, when India’s No. 1 mobile (refurbish/resale/pre-owned) company has announced their week long sale, shoppers all over India are wondering what offers, how much discounts and what sorts of the deal they should expect from this mega event of re-commerce Company.


Several rumors are there in the Indian telecom industry regarding yaantra week sale. But rumors are just rumors; this blog will blow all the rumors out of proportion and will give you complete overview of yaantra week sale:

Big Brands Availability

Shoppers you should get ready for buying branded refurbished smartphone in the upcoming week. The largest company in refurbished, unboxed and pre-owned smartphone is planning to introduce some of the latest segment of flagship smartphones during their Yaantra week sale.

However, it is still a mystery that exactly which brands will be there for the sale, but close source reveals that Xiaomi, Lenovo and Coolpad are few of the leading brands that will be available on sale.

Exciting Deals Are On the Way

Deals and big discounts are few factors behind India being largest online marketplace for the refurbished, unboxed and pre-owned smartphone. With company planning to come with such a big event, one should expect mega deals, amazing offers and big discounts on different series of budget phones.

You Can Save Bit of Extra on Prepaid Orders

In case, you are wondering to avail the cash on delivery option during yaantra week sale, you should know that you will get an option of saving bigger on pre-paid orders.

Can Get Specially Customized Smartphone

 It is challenging stuff to ask for your desirable smartphone when it comes to shopping budget phones from a re-commerce company. Unless & until you don’t have big brand like yaantra and their mega event like “Yaantra Week Sale.” The range of refurbished smartphone, which is hardly available on other re-commerce company, will be available at reasonable prices on yaantra during their upcoming mega sale.

With such a wide range of offers and discounts, the upcoming yaantra week sale is one exciting online sale for which shoppers all over India are getting their e-cards ready.

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Yaantra Brings “Yaantra Week Sale” For Smartphone Lovers!

Yaantra, the largest online retailer for the refurbished, unboxed and pre-owned smartphones is coming up with their first ever Yaantra Week Sale starting from the month end, which will offer various upgraded smartphones of the most selling brands on yaantra’s website for shoppers to grab it.

yaantra weak.jpg

Yaantra Week Sale line-up includes brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Micromax, Asus and much more will be available on sale. Not just this, one of the company’s close sources has revealed that company is planning to come up with one latest flagship smartphone in refurbished segment and the same is going to be the trump card for boosting their sale during this Yaantra Week Sale starting from 24th july 2017.

Highlighting the sale, company’s spokesperson said, “This will be one of our flagship programs that will bring best of all the budget phones at heavy discounted prices. We are humbled by the great response that shoppers had given to our previous few sale offers. However, Yaantra Week Sale will be something different and through this we are trying to start a legacy, which will continue for the next upcoming years.”

Besides the deals and discounts, shoppers will get to buy specialised segments of refurbished and unboxed smartphones, which are hardly available on other re-commerce sites and that too at such a discounted rate.

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Post GST Effects on Refurbished Smartphones

Last week was nothing short of havoc in the Indian telecom industry with the introduction of Goods & Service Tax (GST) by the government. The prices of smartphones have considerably increased, making it difficult for shoppers to buy. Smartphones lovers in India are finding it difficult to digest sudden hike in prices of the brand new smartphones. Will GST really impact the price of budget phones?

It doesn’t matter whether it is new or refurbished smartphone, GST has affected each of them. Now, the question arises that the so called budget phones, which are claimed to be affordable, are they still affordable?

No! GST has affected re-commerce sector immensely. Nevertheless, before reaching out to any conclusion, we have to understand how GST has affected re-commerce sector:



  1. When a consumer sells his old smartphone to the buyer (refurbisher). Then there is no VAT involved in this transaction because seller is not a registered entity
  2. On the other side, when refurbisher restores the old smartphone to fully working condition and sells the refurbished smartphone in the market, then he becomes liable to pay 5% VAT. Let me remind you one thing, that there is no VAT credited to refurbisher, since he had purchased old smartphone from an individual entity.
  3. What does this mean? It means, seller/manufacturer refurbisher had to pay the amount (VAT) from their pocket itself, which they were earlier deducted from their profit margins and this transaction was already proving to be a harmful one.


Since the implementation of GST, the VAT % has increased from 5% to 18%, cutting down the profit margins of the refurbisher to bare minimum. This dramatic hike in the VAT has made re-commerce sector non profitable and re-commerce companies are forced to increase the price of their products to survive in this difficult time.

However, despite the implementation of GST, there are number of leading companies in refurbished e-commerce sector including overcart, shoplcues, and who are still ensuring that their shoppers wouldn’t have to face the struggle while buying refurbished smartphone. These re-commerce smartphone companies are coming with daily deals, several offers and introducing several coupon codes consistently to allow customer to get relief.


While all of this is happening, we cannot deny the fact that it has become one hell of a trouble for these companies to survive after GST. Government needs to take some actions; probably they should lower down a certain percentage of tax to give some relief to the Refurbished companies.